Anything to say ? A monument to courage !
ANYTHING TO SAY?A MONUMENT TO COURAGE by Davide Dormino"La chaise a un double sens. Cela peut être confortable, mais cela peut aussi...
Safe Passage by Weiwei
In 2015, 3771 people lost their life trying to reach Europe ! Famous artist Ai Weiwei set up a memorial with 14000 lifejackets on Berlin...
Berlin Community Radio
Music, art, life style & event .... Berlin community radiois mixing good vibrations around the city ! (closed in january 2019)Gathering...
25 years after light
The Border of lights (Lichtgrenze) is 15,3 km of lights along the route of historic Berliner Mauer.25 years after the fall in 1989, the 2...
One door on the world
The worldwide famous Brandebourg Gate in Berlin...Near this symbolic place, we can find some trace of historic Berlin Wall...
Wall on Wall - Border Art vision
11 november 1989, Kai Wiedenhoefer witnessed a living part of history by capturing the fall of Berlin wall !A first experience with...
Prenzlauer Berg
Chicken on the Wall
Edited a few years ago in Berlin Mauerpark, this video shows how street art can reveal part of history with CHICKEN. More INFO in...
Prenzlauer Berg
Berlin : center of Europe ? Aron, living and working in Prenzlauer Berg (East Berlin), share his vision from Berlin to Moscow.
Cool and smily in his night shop, Hiro speaks about Kreuzberg, a famous and popular hood in Berlin city.
Meet Patrick in Tacheles
Just arrived for one month in Berlin, Patrick (from Canada) give his vision of THE TACHELES, a famous art building in Berlin evicted in...
Eat a pizza with Georges
Georges is German, from North Germany. He just arrives in Berlin, and accept to speak about his neighbourhood :...
Patrick : the city guid
Just in front of the Brandenburg Gate, speed meeting with Patrick a city guide in Berlin.
Valentin : the bike guide
Behind Valentin's bike in Mitte !An interesting moment with Valentin, a german riding guide in Berlin, singing on the WALL traces....
Juliane in Checkpoint Charlie
Working as a guid in Checkpoint Charlie, Juliane, explain her vision of this historico-touristic spot in the FULL center of Berlin,...
Prenzlauer Berg
Prenzlauer Berg : East Berlin
Aron, taking a coffee in his neighbourhood Prenzlauer Berg (East Berlin), share his vision of that unique place in Europe.
Pretzel man
German speciality: PRETZEL
Ragga in Gorlitzer Park
In Gorlitzer park, Ragga and his friend speak about Kreuzberg hood, still considered as Ouest part of Berlin.
The Tacheles in MITTE
Meeting with Olivier, almost born in the Tacheles. This very central place has been evicted on September 2012 :(Artprotacheles...