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Blueturn: the overview effect
Blueturn is all about the OVERVIEW EFFECT!A particular feeling of some astronauts during their spaceflight, realizing our planet is such a...
Citybook in Chartres
The Flemish Dutch House deBuren invites international authors and photographers to deliver audio short stories about cities in a project...
The Lanes
Brighton : Nature and People
Sound of our Shores is a summer project inviting people to share sound from UK coast in a common MAP ! Here is an ITV of David Hendy in...
Mindpower : shine, dear soul, shine
MindPower is a part of the Latvian culture program during it's presidency of the council.It's a short films serie of some personalities...
Digital Single Market
2015 June 17-18 : Digital Assembly in Riga around the theme "One Europe, One digital single market" Here is a speech by Andris...
Thinking for change
1984 - Orwell on line
Written in 1949 by George Orwell, the book "1984", translated in 65 languages, could be sum up by "Big Brother is watching you". In London,...
Richard Stallman about keeping freedom
Richard Stallman, the father of GNU - Free Software Foundation, was one of the guru talker of European Lab 2015 in Lyon.In a the traditional...
Plato, a way for better thinking !
Born in Athens, (427 BCE), PLATO is maybe the most famous western philosopher, the first utopian thinker, and the father of the art of...
SOUND WALK (french)
One of the RADIO GRENOUILLE project (born via Marseille, european capital of culture 2013), "Promenades sonores" welcome everybody to...
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Flight radar 24 : THE sky tool
Live AIR TRAFFIC in real time ! Apps is tracking 65% commercial aircraft / 20% general aviation and aggregate different data associated on...
Thinking for change
Green net work
A global "spirit" is growing at an international level: the GREEN GUERILLA movement, that R.Reynolds practice around the concept...
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Video mobile : home made style !
Pocket video is surely one of the more creative way to express ourselves when moving from our streets to the entire world ! HERE IS A VIDEO...
Thinking for change
POWER RELATIVITY over 4000 years ! Direct LINKAuthor : John B SparksSource : David Rumsey map collection
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Fire in the world
From march 2000 to july 2013, check this world map of WILDFIRE in the world.Because of natural cylcles (likes in the boreal forest of...
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Open journalism - Newscoop
Interviewed by portuguese website RUA DIREITA,  Jakub Górnicki give his vision of journalism through one Open source technologies...
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Word Processor
World Processor project is 25 years of globes reflect DATA over 300 different geopolitical themes. More than 1,000 GLOBES have been...
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Open video
Project by Jonathan Thomas > The time has come for a CROSS-PLATFORM version !!OpenShot Video Editor for Windows, Mac, and Linux on...
St John's wood
'Love me do' in public ?
Since january 2013, "Love me do" Beatles famous single (1962), is in the public domain in Europe. "That means that, starting January 1...