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Anything to say ? A monument to courage !
ANYTHING TO SAY?A MONUMENT TO COURAGE by Davide Dormino"La chaise a un double sens. Cela peut être confortable, mais cela peut aussi...
In London, and all around the world, people are strongly supporting the australian journalist Julian Assange ! Actually jailed in Belmarsh...
Quartier Européen /Cinquantenaire
Bruxelles for FREEDOM
Bruxelles, march 2021, by belgian film director Bernard CrutzenIn the European Capital city, like all over the world, people are trying to...
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KYIV LIVE - Ukraine
Keep an eye on the world ...  To better understand this conflict and ukrainian History a MUST SEEN documentary is UKRAINE ON...
Quartier Européen /Cinquantenaire
We don't need no vaccination !
23-01-2022 People are singing together "WE DON'T NO NEED VACCINATION" to express their complete OPPOSITION to the vaccinal PASS ! They are...
Quartier Européen /Cinquantenaire
March For Freedom
Date - 23-01-22All around the world, people join the MARCH & CONVOY FOR FREEDOM !From Canada to ALL Europe, Australia and New Zeland,...
Safe Passage by Weiwei
In 2015, 3771 people lost their life trying to reach Europe ! Famous artist Ai Weiwei set up a memorial with 14000 lifejackets on Berlin...
Ile de France
POC21, Proof Of Concept,, is an international community prototyping a fossile free, zero waste society !  OuiShare & Open State...
Together !
LibertéÉgalitéFraternitéStand up together ! ALL about November 13, 2015
Refugees Voices
Broadcasted from Hamburg city, Refugee Radio Network is a non profit initiative giving back their voice to migrants, asylum seekers or any...
Middle East
ARTA FM Syrian wave
Independent syrian community radio, ARTA FM work without any religious or political pressure.Only in Kurdish, Syrian, or Arabic...
Digital Single Market
2015 June 17-18 : Digital Assembly in Riga around the theme "One Europe, One digital single market" Here is a speech by Andris...
Saint Georges
Citizenship & Digital Revolution
This debate between cultural activists in Lyon replace citizenship idea in the digital revolution and its issue.Organize by Medias citoyens...
Middle East
Symbol of semitic, greco-roman and persian influences since millennium, Palmyra is located in the syrian desert. Check those...
Dénoyez street is alive !
Meeting, Melting, street art Mixing ! Belleville hood (Paris) Dénoyez street is the most pictured by tourists since 15...
Voice united for MALI
'Because the Mali is not a war country', the Malian singer Fatoumata Diawara initiated this precious 'Mali-ko' calling for peace...
Edited a few month ago by Kostas Kallergis, freelance journalist in Greece, "The wake up call" movie is a precious "social diary on...