Island Tour
Porto Moniz, Atlantic swimming pool
Located in northwest Madeira island, Porto Moniz attracts both autochthons and visitors with its magical natural swimming pool !Splashing...
Thinking for change
Blueturn: the overview effect
Blueturn is all about the OVERVIEW EFFECT!A particular feeling of some astronauts during their spaceflight, realizing our planet is such a...
High in the Alps !!!
From Innsbruck's center, austrian Tyrol capital, Inn (river) Brück (Bridge) , don't miss the HIGH 360° view from the Karwendel mountain....
White Tower
Superfast Walk !
Check this SuperFast walk (extract) in Thessaloniki (Greece) ! By Eftychios Bletsas (aka FT), adventurous greek vlogger who has made a very...
Strange spots by Axolot !
Extract from Etranges Escales web documentary on the website AXOLOT ! Directed by Patrick Baud, a "wonderment sources" specialist,...
Cities and memory in Sandbanks
"Remixing the world, one sound at a time" is the global idea behind Cities and Memory project. For the World listening day 2016...
SOUND WALK (french)
One of the RADIO GRENOUILLE project (born via Marseille, european capital of culture 2013), "Promenades sonores" welcome everybody to...
One door on the world
The worldwide famous Brandebourg Gate in Berlin...Near this symbolic place, we can find some trace of historic Berlin Wall...
Web tour
Fire in the world
From march 2000 to july 2013, check this world map of WILDFIRE in the world.Because of natural cylcles (likes in the boreal forest of...
Meanwhile in Paros
10 minutes walking .... to feel in a chill out peaceful moment. Voutakos Beach  is located in south...
San Marco
Panoramic Venice
by Jeffrey Martin. Check all the panoramic view from 360cities!How to become a 360° expert ? HERETOP : Midnight on mt Sinai ...
Ride for your rights - Opening city
Original concept to promote student mobility, RIDE FOR YOUR RIGHTS start in 2011 in SERBIA - Novi sad city....
Web tour
Word Processor
World Processor project is 25 years of globes reflect DATA over 300 different geopolitical themes. More than 1,000 GLOBES have been...
City tour
Chania from a sea worker
CHANIA is the 2nd largest CITY in Crete isle - GREECEVIDEO tour home made by Michael MENES, a sea worker videast going there once a week...
Web tour
Peace and war mapping
1000 years TO reach peace border...Source : LiveLeak
Poems on the Thames
Mixing festival, art market, performance, concert and debates, SOUTHBANK Center, born in 1951, is a cultural crossing point...
After "Let's camp together", an OPEN DOOR cultural camping every week-end  (Marseille - European Capital of Culture...
Prenzlauer Berg
Chicken on the Wall
Edited a few years ago in Berlin Mauerpark, this video shows how street art can reveal part of history with CHICKEN. More INFO in...
Notting Hill
Portobello Market
Smart and popular West London, Notting hill belongs to Kensington and Chelsea districts. Check the Carnival...
Street food in Brussels
Traditionnal cooker in Neuve Street near Rogier métro station in Brussels.
El Retiro
Artistic visit of El Retiro, a very beautiful and famous parc in Madrid.
East end
SCQ in Bricklane
SCQ live band playing in one the most attractive part of East London, near Liverpool street :Brick Lane (market, street, metro,...
Cool and smily in his night shop, Hiro speaks about Kreuzberg, a famous and popular hood in Berlin city.
Eat a pizza with Georges
Georges is German, from North Germany. He just arrives in Berlin, and accept to speak about his neighbourhood :...
Juliane in Checkpoint Charlie
Working as a guid in Checkpoint Charlie, Juliane, explain her vision of this historico-touristic spot in the FULL center of Berlin,...
Saint Gery
Near Les Halles
About Saint Géry ... historical down town ! More info on GUIDEPAL
Prenzlauer Berg
Prenzlauer Berg : East Berlin
Aron, taking a coffee in his neighbourhood Prenzlauer Berg (East Berlin), share his vision of that unique place in Europe.
Brussels center
Gary under the sun
Brussels center ?
Las Austrias
Plaza Mayor
Great meeting with this pintor working since 20 years on plaza Mayor. He explains a part of this central place history. Unmissable in...
Ragga in Gorlitzer Park
In Gorlitzer park, Ragga and his friend speak about Kreuzberg hood, still considered as Ouest part of Berlin.
Brussels center
Walloon or Flemish ?
Letitca speaking about the 3 Belgium Regions :- Flemish / Flanders- Walloon- Brussels-Capital
Lisbon History
Francisco, specialist in Lisbon architecture history, explains a part of Lisbon past. Meet him, by chance, in Chiado
Tonio's vision of Montmartre
As natural born parisian, Antoine shares his vision of famous Montmartre hood in Paris 18 : 3 parts ?
Brussels center
Near the Manneken Pis ...
Leticia, working in front of the Manneken-Pis, explain a part of its history.