In London, and all around the world, people are strongly supporting the australian journalist Julian Assange ! Actually jailed in Belmarsh...
Quartier Européen /Cinquantenaire
Bruxelles for FREEDOM
Bruxelles, march 2021, by belgian film director Bernard CrutzenIn the European Capital city, like all over the world, people are trying to...
Quartier Européen /Cinquantenaire
We don't need no vaccination !
23-01-2022 People are singing together "WE DON'T NO NEED VACCINATION" to express their complete OPPOSITION to the vaccinal PASS ! They are...
Oostelijke Eilanden
The European WALL !
Amongst EUROPE BY PEOPLE projects, in Amsterdam, a 450-meter brick WALL is welcoming everyone to "Visualise today and imagine tomorrow"...
Capital of Cutlure 2016 : A story to tell ...
2016 : Wroclaw (Poland) and Saint-Sébastien (France) are THE 2 european capitals of culture. The original idea is born in 1985 in Athen...
One Europe, several views !
In 2014, Europavox festival and Association of European Journalists organized debates about youth, culture and mobility in several cities,...
Mindpower : shine, dear soul, shine
MindPower is a part of the Latvian culture program during it's presidency of the council.It's a short films serie of some personalities...
Digital Single Market
2015 June 17-18 : Digital Assembly in Riga around the theme "One Europe, One digital single market" Here is a speech by Andris...
Alesia / Montparnasse
Ma petite Europe by Arte radio (fr)
"I discover France with Jacques Brel tape" is a program from Arte radio around the concept "Ma petite Europe". Nina Almberg explain how...
Saint Georges
Citizenship & Digital Revolution
This debate between cultural activists in Lyon replace citizenship idea in the digital revolution and its issue.Organize by Medias citoyens...
San Marco
Peggy Guggenheim
Inaugurated in 1980, just after Peggy Guggenheim death, this museum is one of the first european place dedicated to modern art. Wish you...
One door on the world
The worldwide famous Brandebourg Gate in Berlin...Near this symbolic place, we can find some trace of historic Berlin Wall...
Launched by Europeans Without Borders citizens network, LET ME VOTE fight for FULL VOTING RIGHTS  in any european country.A citizen call...
School Romani
About Bruxelles shadow on Dana, Beni & Alin childhood in north Transylvania. Open debate about Romani integration...
Thinking for change
Speak up with Omikron
The UN-told side of Greece (and much more) by Omikron project"It's not only the problem of media, but of the consumers too...
Ride for your rights - Opening city
Original concept to promote student mobility, RIDE FOR YOUR RIGHTS start in 2011 in SERBIA - Novi sad city....
Web tour
Peace and war mapping
1000 years TO reach peace border...Source : LiveLeak
YES WE CAMP it's a philopsophy !The story starts in 2013 with Let's Camp Together, an OPEN DOOR (and mind) cultural camping every...
The Abode of Chaos explore freedom of expression
Abode of Chaos (SDC) is an old postal center located in Saint-Romain-au-Mont-d'Or (near Lyon).Reinvented by its current owner Thierry...
Košice : "USE THE CITY" festival
USE THE CITY festival (in may) was created in 2009 to provide diversity of LOCAL and GLOBAL creativity in the public space !!  In...
Prenzlauer Berg
Chicken on the Wall
Edited a few years ago in Berlin Mauerpark, this video shows how street art can reveal part of history with CHICKEN. More INFO in...
Brussels center
European culture ?
Since a few years, Cityzer meet people and ask them about their daily life and their european feeling.In the center of Brussels, Gary...
Quartier Européen /Cinquantenaire
Belgian and european
Just before European Parliament election in 2009, a belgian point of view about Europe in the world. Thanks Geoffrey.
Francisco&Europe ( part II )
Crossing irresistible Francisco in the Chiado, one day in 2009, we spoke about citizens & politicians in Europe...
Street food in Brussels
Traditionnal cooker in Neuve Street near Rogier métro station in Brussels.
Prenzlauer Berg
Berlin : center of Europe ? Aron, living and working in Prenzlauer Berg (East Berlin), share his vision from Berlin to Moscow.
Quartier Européen /Cinquantenaire
Social Europe in question
Chilling in Cinquantenaire parc, Patrick express himself about his expectations about Europe.
Brussels center
Brussels and Europe
Gary, enjoying the sun in Brussels, explains how his town was before it becames the "european center". "Since the end of the Second...
Mini Europe tour near Atomium
Just near the famous Atomium in Brussels, the most rapid mini Europe tour.Check the VIRTUAL EXPO 58 ! (Atomium)
Street conversation with Francisco in Lisboa.A point of view questionning Europe frontiers.