In London, and all around the world, people are strongly supporting the australian journalist Julian Assange ! Actually jailed in Belmarsh...
Franz Kafka by David Cerny
Since November 2014, Czech people can come across this massive artwork in Prague Business Center ! Featuring the famous novelist Franz Kafka...
Festival of San Fermín - Pampelune
San Fermín starts each years at 6 am on 6 July in PAMPLONA city in Spain for 8 DAYS !  On the Plaza Consistorial , an official come...
Cuba's heart music !
Buena Vista Social Club, Ry Cooder & Chucho Valdes headquarter ! ... and much more. El Jelengue de areíto, is THE MUSIC PLACE,...
Terreaux / Hôtel de ville
Dance Biennale in Lyon
To experience the 17th Dance Biennale in Lyon (14-30 September 2016) the best is to merge in the city floor for a free dance lessons or...
Citybook in Chartres
The Flemish Dutch House deBuren invites international authors and photographers to deliver audio short stories about cities in a project...
Oostelijke Eilanden
The European WALL !
Amongst EUROPE BY PEOPLE projects, in Amsterdam, a 450-meter brick WALL is welcoming everyone to "Visualise today and imagine tomorrow"...
Capital of Cutlure 2016 : A story to tell ...
2016 : Wroclaw (Poland) and Saint-Sébastien (France) are THE 2 european capitals of culture. The original idea is born in 1985 in Athen...
San Marco
Carnevale di Venezia
Already mentionned in 1094, il Carenvale di Venezia symbolizes centuries of fiesta linking all Venice hoods and social groups around...
Place de l'horloge
Avignon : OFF - IN
Festival d'Avignon is the biggest Living Arts festival in Europe, with Edinburgh festival since 1947 !Next to the Pope's...
Middle East
ARTA FM Syrian wave
Independent syrian community radio, ARTA FM work without any religious or political pressure.Only in Kurdish, Syrian, or Arabic...
Kër Thiossane ("house of culture" - Art & Multimedia) is an association from Dakar born in 2002!Open place for new technology and...
Mindpower : shine, dear soul, shine
MindPower is a part of the Latvian culture program during it's presidency of the council.It's a short films serie of some personalities...
Thinking for change
1984 - Orwell on line
Written in 1949 by George Orwell, the book "1984", translated in 65 languages, could be sum up by "Big Brother is watching you". In London,...
Magna Carta Libertatum
June, 12 1215 - Back to a very special day in medieval England ! One of the most famous document in the world is born...Magna...
Kingsday with dutchified
Dutchified yourself with local videos about city life in Amsterdam !Here is the famous KOENINGSDAG (2014), traditionally celebrating...
Middle East
What kind of music do you like ?
ASK PROJECT is the very promising and instructive work from Corey Gil-Shuster who is "street asking" Israelis / palestinians view about...
Thinking for change
Peaceful stream
Spiritual "must" place, Western Wall is a pilgrimage place for centuries located in the old city of JERUSALEM. More information...
San Marco
Peggy Guggenheim
Inaugurated in 1980, just after Peggy Guggenheim death, this museum is one of the first european place dedicated to modern art. Wish you...
India - Colour and sound
Holi by TheFilmArtist
March 6 in 2015, March 24 in 2016, ...Each day after the full moon in Mars, historic HOLI festival color India (and spread the...
Middle East
Western Wall
Historical place, Western Wall is a pilgrimage place for centuries located in the old city of JERUSALEM. Check the KOTEL webcam...
One door on the world
The worldwide famous Brandebourg Gate in Berlin...Near this symbolic place, we can find some trace of historic Berlin Wall...
High Sun Mirror
Hello SUN
Martin Andersen work, The mirror project (reflecting sunlight by mirror), october 2013, was first imagined in 1913 by Sam...
Wall on Wall - Border Art vision
11 november 1989, Kai Wiedenhoefer witnessed a living part of history by capturing the fall of Berlin wall !A first experience with...
YES WE CAMP it's a philopsophy !The story starts in 2013 with Let's Camp Together, an OPEN DOOR (and mind) cultural camping every...
Košice : "USE THE CITY" festival
USE THE CITY festival (in may) was created in 2009 to provide diversity of LOCAL and GLOBAL creativity in the public space !!  In...
Prenzlauer Berg
Chicken on the Wall
Edited a few years ago in Berlin Mauerpark, this video shows how street art can reveal part of history with CHICKEN. More INFO in...
A beautiful documentary about Wheatpaste from Sao Paulo, Brazil Cola de Farinha Doc by MaicknucleaR Need, Mental Liberation,...
Feel the town with Echelle 1:1SENSITIVE LYON FESTIVAL OF LIGTHS 2012 ***>> Réal > M.Mangeon/J.Boyer  Music > Soft...
Festival of Lights
Every year, since 1852, LYON CITY is on LIGHTS fire around the 8th of DECEMBER. At first, peopLe were burning candles on their...
St John's wood
The crossing
John, gardener in Abbey Road, shares his vision of the mythic place where The Beatles recorded in 1969. Abbey Road Studio still...
Notting Hill
A part of history
Manuel is living near Portobello since a few years.He naturally transmit here a part of local history about...
El Retiro
Artistic visit of El Retiro, a very beautiful and famous parc in Madrid.
Meet Patrick in Tacheles
Just arrived for one month in Berlin, Patrick (from Canada) give his vision of THE TACHELES, a famous art building in Berlin evicted in...
Patrick : the city guid
Just in front of the Brandenburg Gate, speed meeting with Patrick a city guide in Berlin.
Valentin : the bike guide
Behind Valentin's bike in Mitte !An interesting moment with Valentin, a german riding guide in Berlin, singing on the WALL traces....
Juliane in Checkpoint Charlie
Working as a guid in Checkpoint Charlie, Juliane, explain her vision of this historico-touristic spot in the FULL center of Berlin,...
Malasana ambiance
A beautiful espagnol fashion designer, speak about her favourite area in Madrid, Malasana.
Las Austrias
Plaza Mayor
Great meeting with this pintor working since 20 years on plaza Mayor. He explains a part of this central place history. Unmissable in...
Speaking english ?
Puerta del Sol. Full center. Meeting with a loteria specialist in Madrid. Express himself about language problem in...
Fado specialist in Chiado
Divulgacao cultural: about Fado music in Portugal. The music of the "Saudade", a deep soul sadness, originally from Lisbon (Alfama,...
Lisbon Fado live
In a typical restaurant in Portugal, you've got a chance to eat in Music... especially Fado music."Fado appeared during the early 19th...
Lisbon History
Francisco, specialist in Lisbon architecture history, explains a part of Lisbon past. Meet him, by chance, in Chiado
Brussels center
Near the Manneken Pis ...
Leticia, working in front of the Manneken-Pis, explain a part of its history.
Moulin rouge
As natural born parisian, Tonio express his mood in front the famous Moulin Rouge in Montmartre.