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Mr. Viktor (Music producer) & Tom (Excuse my french events) have created RIDER RADIO in 2013, a delicious 24/7 musical stream broadcasted from the creative Bunker 105 in Paris.

Totally add free, Rider Radio was not only a chill wave but a webzine, an event source, and an interactive website (playlist & mixes, live stages).

"Excuse My French was born in Brighton, England. At the time, I was finishing my studies and doing an internship at a local radio station (Juice FM / Totally Radio). By harassing the big boss to have my own show, I got an appointment with one of his friends, who had been introduced to me as “a little kid my age”. It turns out that it was Jean Daniel Beauvallet (co-founder of Inrockuptibles) ..."  Tom Routier, Rider Radio co-founder

Linked Music:

Check Monthly Mix (Al'Tarba)

Live session

This radio is now closed ... to be continued ?

Rider Radio


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Rider Radio