Festival of San Fermín - Pampelune



San Fermín starts each years at 6 am on 6 July in PAMPLONA city in Spain for 8 DAYS ! 

On the Plaza Consistorial , an official come and say :

« Pamploneses, Pamplonesas, Viva San Fermín, Irunshemes, Gora San Fermín », LET THE PARTY BEGIN !!!

This festival is the 3rd BIGGER in the world, after the carnival in Rio and the Oktoberfest in Munich. Around 3 millions people celebrating the judge of the foral community, Firmin d'Amiens (third century), in the streets ! Compulsory dress: white dress, enhanced with a scarf and a red belt.

HISTORY : Saint Firmin of Amiens is the patron saint of NAVARRA.  As a christian he was executed by the Romans. The 1st celebrations in his honor took place during the Middle Ages. It was a meeting places for farmers, traders, villagers, so they began to organize bullfights as part of the tradition.

The procession happens on July 7. From the Church of San Lorenzo, the civil and religious authorities, the heads of the peñas and corporations, .... accompany the statue of the saint through the streets of the city.

Festival of San Fermín - Pampelune


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Festival of San Fermín - Pampelune