Poems on the Thames !



This is an inspiring video of the CASAGRANDE project "Bombardeo de poemas sobre London" that drops over 100,000 POEMS from a helicopter near the thames in London (with Southbank Centre's POETRY).

CASAGRANDE is a great collective of artists (from Chili) developing different actions that mix poetry & intervention in the public space. You can check similar poetic action in Varsovia (Poland).

Their slogan ?

"can't be be sold, can't be bought" (ne se vende, no se compra) each poetic action or final product is free !

More info on this Poetry Fondation article.

Mixing festival, art market, performance, concert and debates, the SOUTHBANK Center, born in 1951, is a cultural crossing point located on the THAMES, London. PROGRAM

Poems on the Thames !


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Poems on the Thames !