Citybook in Chartres



The Flemish Dutch House deBuren invites international authors and photographers to deliver audio short stories about cities in a project called CITYBOOK.

This story "The Cathedral and the circus" is proposed by the macedonian author Goce Smilevski.

"The labyrinth in the centre of the Cathedral floor represents the link between Pagan and Christian traditions.

On the friezes near the Cathedral’s Royal Entrance, there are illustrations of the Prophets from the Old Testament, as well as of Jesus. But Aristotle and Pythagoras are there too. The stained glass windows depict parts of the Old and the New Testament, and yet the Zodiac signs are also presented there. Christianity, Judaism, antique mythology, astrology are all united here… Catholicism, known for its cruel dogmatism, especially in the Middle Ages, found its freedom here"

Goce Smilevski

>> Available is Macedonian, Dutch and French

Citybook in Chartres


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Citybook in Chartres