January 2017
1st January - 31st December
European Capitals of Culture !
1st January - 31st December
European Capitals of Culture !

2017 : Aarhus (Danemark) and Paphos (Cyprus) are THE 2 european capitals of culture.

The original idea is born in 1985 in Athen thanks to Melina Mercouri, the greek culture minister.

ALL about AARHUS 2017

ALL about PAPHOS 2017


Urban Event

Together we can - Autism Day
Partout dans le monde, depuis 2008, on célèbre la journée de sensibilisation à l'autisme, le 2 avril.  Une personne sur 150 vient...
Oostelijke Eilanden
The European WALL !
Amongst Europe by People* projects, in Amsterdam, a 450-meter brick WALL is welcoming everyone to "Visualise today and imagine tomorrow"...
San Marco
Carnevale di Venezia
Already mentionned in 1094, il Carenvale di Venezia symbolizes centuries of fiesta linking all Venice hoods and social groups around...
Notting Hill
Since 1959  Notting Hill carnival is one the biggest european street party celebrating west caribbean culture during the last...
Budapest Alternative
Alternative vision of Budapest city with KoPé !Free exhibition until 2015 July 2 Where :Holdudvar Margitsziget 
Global Roses festival in Lyon
The 17th session of the world Festival of Roses was in Lyon city (France) in 2015. This global event is organized by the World Federation of...
Detox and Dance : Boat tour on a Sound River
In 2015, during Nuits Sonores festival, the local website City Crunch and the bar Live Station create their aquatic event on the boat...
Quartier Européen /Cinquantenaire
Urban Apéro from Bruxelles !
Each friday, Urban Apéros  >> FREE OPEN AIR AFTERWORK showcasing music set in different public place in Brussels.Overcrowded is...
Quais du Rhône
Full moule & funk in Lyon
EXTRA event !NUITS SONORES (2014) electro festival in Lyon : "Paye ta moule", with La Face B (Lotfi) & POMZ&FRIENDS...
Kingsday with dutchified
Dutchified yourself with local videos about city life in Amsterdam !Here is the famous KOENINGSDAG (2014), traditionally celebrating...
Urban art around the river Saar
Video showcasing the Urban art meeting in Sarrebruck city (Germany) 2012.From march to november 2015, 10 km far west along the...
Doing Day in Cape Town
100 in 1 day is a social and artistic movement in CAPE TOWN ! A festival of DOING PEOPLE empowering their streets with their own...
India - Colour and sound
Holi by TheFilmArtist
March 6 in 2015, March 24 in 2016, ...Each day after the full moon in Mars, historic HOLI festival color India (and spread the...
La Farinada on Terres.tv
Among good plans from Terres network, this video picture LA FARINADA de Godall city, a traditional carnival (Spain, Greece and...
Guillotière - Jean Macé - Saxe
Micro brasseries party
What's better than a great beer from a micro brewery ?Once a year, in september, a whole hood goes down the street to discover regional...
Thinking for change
Green net work
A global "spirit" is growing at an international level: the GREEN GUERILLA movement, that R.Reynolds practice around the concept...
25 years after dark...in light
The Border of lights (Lichtgrenze) is 15,3 km of lights along the route of historic Berliner Mauer.25 years after the fall in 1989, the 2...
St Paul's
Street Piano
"PLAY ME I'M YOURS" is an original concept from LUKE JERRAM launched in 2008 in Birmingham, then Bristol, London, Paris, Los...
Magical croatian Goulash festival
THE dream FESTIVAL in CROATIA amazing VIS ISLAND (Komiza city), GOULASH festival is a totally crowndfunded event born in 2013 as a...
La Paillade
Temporary ART zonE
Twice a year, Montpellier city invites people EXPLORING the town in a SENSITIVE way : Ze ZAT...
Concept : the Walking Gallery
Original Idea born in Barcelona (2010) The Walking Gallery is a great and simple concept : An OPEN ART MEETING POINT where...
Middle East
Urban skechting around Beirut
"One drawing at a time" is the original concept of a global network called URBAN SKETCHERS.Like here in Beirut city, or in Barcelona,...
High Sun Mirror
Hello SUN
Martin Andersen work, The mirror project (reflecting sunlight by mirror), october 2013, was first imagined in 1913 by Sam...
City Park
World Wide Wet party
Unique audio wet and visual party in ancient BUDAPEST BATH like Szechenyi Baths !!!Original concept by Cinetrip MORE ABOUT BUDAPEST BATH...
Poems on the Thames
Mixing festival, art market, performance, concert and debates, SOUTHBANK Center, born in 1951, is a cultural crossing point...
The Abode of Chaos explore freedom of expression
Abode of Chaos (SDC) is an old postal center located in Saint-Romain-au-Mont-d'Or (near Lyon).Reinvented by its current owner Thierry...
Feel the town with Echelle 1:1SENSITIVE LYON FESTIVAL OF LIGTHS 2012 ***>> Réal > M.Mangeon/J.Boyer  Music > Soft...
Terreaux / Hôtel de ville
L'ORIGINAL Festival - May 29-31
Since a few year Lyon celebrate Hip Hop culture & music with l'ORIGINAL Festival ! LINE UP 2015 >> Lino, Apollo...
Festival of Lights
Every year, since 1852, LYON CITY is on LIGHTS fire around the 8th of DECEMBER. At first, peopLe were burning candles on their...
Notting Hill
A part of history
Manuel is living near Portobello since a few years.He naturally transmit here a part of local history about...
East end
Near the City and Liverpool Street Station, Spitalfields Market is the beginning of East End !Famous and historical place in...