January 2017
1st January - 31st December
European Capitals of Culture !
1st January - 31st December
European Capitals of Culture !

2017 : Aarhus (Danemark) and Paphos (Cyprus) are THE 2 european capitals of culture.

The original idea is born in 1985 in Athen thanks to Melina Mercouri, the greek culture minister.

ALL about AARHUS 2017

ALL about PAPHOS 2017


Street Art

Buttes Aux Cailles
Clet Abraham welcomed in Paris 13
In March 2015, Clet Abraham, french street artist living in Italy, has been invited by the local mayor to express his urban vision...
Brussels center
Comics city
The place to .be networks offers trendy, groovy and arty news under the slogan "Flemish dare" ! In this video, Hergé, Franquin,...
Urban art around the river Saar
Video showcasing the Urban art meeting in Sarrebruck city (Germany) 2012.From march to november 2015, 10 km far west along the...
Dénoyez street is alive !
Meeting, Melting, street art Mixing ! ...in Belleville hood (Paris) Dénoyez street is the most pictured by tourists since 15...
Doing Day in Cape Town
100 in 1 day is a social and artistic movement in CAPE TOWN ! A festival of DOING PEOPLE empowering their streets with their own...
La Paillade
Temporary ART zonE
Twice a year, Montpellier city invites people EXPLORING the town in a SENSITIVE way : Ze ZAT...
Concept : the Walking Gallery
Original Idea born in Barcelona (2010) The Walking Gallery is a great and simple concept : An OPEN ART MEETING POINT where...
Web tour
Video mobile : home made style !
Pocket video is surely one of the more creative way to express ourselves when moving from our streets to the entire world ! HERE IS A VIDEO...
Terreaux / Hôtel de ville
8th december in Lyon ... Light on
Congratulations "Partner award" >> DESSINE MOI... DES LUMIÈRES (Trace Lights over me) in LYON !!!Festival of...
Middle East
Urban skechting around Beirut
"One drawing at a time" is the original concept of a global network called URBAN SKETCHERS.Like here in Beirut city, or in Barcelona,...
Edited a few month ago by Kostas Kallergis, freelance journalist in Greece, "The wake up call" movie is a precious "social diary on...
Prenzlauer Berg
Chicken on the Wall
Edited a few years ago in Berlin Mauerpark, this video shows how street art can reveal part of history with CHICKEN. More INFO in...
A beautiful documentary about Wheatpaste from Sao Paulo, Brazil Cola de Farinha Doc by MaicknucleaR Need, Mental Liberation,...
Feel the town with Echelle 1:1SENSITIVE LYON FESTIVAL OF LIGTHS 2012 ***>> Réal > M.Mangeon/J.Boyer  Music > Soft...
Festival of Lights
Every year, since 1852, LYON CITY is on LIGHTS fire around the 8th of DECEMBER. At first, peopLe were burning candles on their...
Dirtybeach TV
Once on the River Thames, in Southwark hood - London, a moment with Dirtybeach team that welcome curious people to their...
East end
SCQ in Bricklane
SCQ live band playing in one the most attractive part of East London, near Liverpool street :Brick Lane (market, street, metro,...
Meet Patrick in Tacheles
Just arrived for one month in Berlin, Patrick (from Canada) give his vision of THE TACHELES, a famous art building in Berlin evicted in...
Eat a pizza with Georges
Georges is German, from North Germany. He just arrives in Berlin, and accept to speak about his neighbourhood :...
The Tacheles in MITTE
Meeting with Olivier, almost born in the Tacheles. This very central place has been evicted on September 2012 :(Artprotacheles...
Let's dance by night
Spontaneous street tango in Lisbon!Atmosphere....