Ibiza sin ropa

Island tour


Ibiza no es ONLY la Fiesta !   (most of all in march...)

But at least 50 different beaches, artistic melting pot of inspired people, good fishes, and the spanish way of life !  In this road trip, several "must" place (30 mn driving from North to South) :

Port Balansat - Restaurant (San Miquel)

Benirràs beach - Playa near (San Miquel)

Musset - Bar / restaurant  (Saint Gertrudas)

SLUIZ - Shop  & outlet 

Ca n'Alfredo - Restaurant  (Ibiza)

La Escollera Restaurant (Es cavallet / Sant Jordi )

MUSIC : FEDER - Goodbye ft Lyse 

Ibiza sin ropa


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Ibiza sin ropa